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Emily Herrick

  • It's Spring in the Rocky Mountains! A Sale and a Giveaway

    A couple days ago, the temperature hit 70 degrees. With daylight savings time (which I don't particularly care for, but that is a different story), it got dark later, and my kids played outside until it was time for bed. I love it when they play outside all day! It's only better when the trees in our backyard is full of fruit that they can snack on!

    I always know it's spring in Utah when I use the heater in the car in the morning, and the air conditioner in the afternoon.

    With spring in the air, I fall in love with my book Springtime in the Rockies all over again! I wrote this book two and a half years ago with the help of 8 friends of mine who design quilts and live in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains and love them as much as I do. It is published by Kansas City Star. There two things I love about this book:

    1) It's a gorgeous book. Kansas City Star makes beautiful books. I can this book my coffee table quilt book. Besides the fabulous quilts, I asked for a lot of pictures of my mountains to be included. In the pages of this book, you can take a virtual road trip here. I hope it will encourage you to come visit!

    2) The second thing I love about this book is all the different techniques. Each of the nine designers in the book make quilts differently. I enjoy getting to experience the personality of each of the designers.

    Here is one of my quilts in the book, True North. It is made from a charm pack, which is what I am known for. It is also appliqué  which is unusual for me. It was fun to try something different, but I did get dizzy blanket stitching the 33 little circles onto the quilt!



    For more pictures of the quilts included in the book, you can see some on my website:

    You can also see a few sample pages at the Pickle Dish Store: 

    In celebration of spring, I have decided to give away THREE books!



    1) The first book will be given away here on the blog. To enter, comment on this post. I would love to hear what your favorite part of spring is!

    2) The second book will be given away on my Facebook page, To enter, like my Facebook page and comment on the Facebook post.

    3) The third book will be given away on my Instagram page, To enter, follow me on Instagram and comment on the Instagram post.

    Winners will be drawn next Monday, March 23rd.

    In addition to the giveaway, Springtime in the Rockies has been listed for sale on my website. The retail price of this book is $26.95. Until the end of March, the book will be on sale for $10! By one for yourself or a friend.

    Celebrate spring!

  • Going Coastal Quilt

    Thought I would show you what I came up with for Going Coastal.  I started cutting late Friday night and got 7 blocks made.  Saturday was a little crazy, but I got all 56 blocks done.  Today I finished it!  I even washed and dried it!  Of course, it has been raining ALL day here (we aren't use to that in Utah), so I didn't get a great picture.  You can see that it's fun though!

    I paired the fabric with Kona Tangerine.  The pattern is one of mine called Scattered Sunshine.  Since I am sometimes a little lame, my website is messed up and I don't have my patterns on it.  However, I found it here if you are interested:
    Fun to see how a quilt looks in different fabric, huh!?!

    The crabs started looking a little too realistic as I was sewing it together, but they were my kids' favorite part.  Even the baby loved the crabs! I loved the bottlecaps.  I would have loved the use that as a backing.

    Want to win a fat quarter bundle?  Emily is giving one away on her blog!  Here's the link:

    A fat quarter bundle just happens to be exactly what you need to make this quilt of mine!  And 1 2/3 yards of a solid -- that includes the binding.  I had 2 fat quarters left over. 

    One more day of sewing left before Market!  I need to make a pillow or two.  I hope that is all.  I usually forget something.  I just hope it isn't something important!
  • The Surprise Bridal Shower

    Before I tell you about the bridal shower I attended Saturday (and the quilt I took), let me address the quilt along. 

    Today is the day of the final two drawings.  I am going to wait until the end of the day to do those drawings.  Just in case.  The quilts on flickr are all so lovely!  Yeah!

    Okay, so the background to the quilt story today is this quilt:

    It's name is "Diamond in the Rough" by a friend of mine, Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies.  HERE is a link to her blog and the pattern of the quilt above.  It is one of my favorite patterns of hers.  I have wanted to make it for a while, but the time was never right. 

    Fast forward to last Sunday.  I picked up an announcement I had received to double check the date of a bridal shower for my cousin's financee.  It was yesterday.  Now I had known they were engaged a few months ago, and I had thought then -- I bet they would like a black and white quilt.  I should get one started.  That never happened.  I called my aunt Sunday or Monday to see what colors they liked.  She said black and red.  I was actually hoping they liked different colors because I had other quilts that I could have pulled out of storage and given them.  I didn't have a black and white quilt handy. 

    So the shower didn't surprise me at all except that all of a sudden the date was less than a week away.  Ahh, I needed a fast pattern.  FAST.  Emily's pattern, "Diamond in the Rough" came to mind.  I knew it would be perfect.  I thought I would have enough stash for it.  I didn't.  I had to go grab 3 -- 1/3 yards of the white with black.  The red is Kaffe Fasset's shot cotton.  I didn't start sewing this quilt until Friday afternoon.  Yes, Friday.  Yes, Friday as in the day before the shower.  (In my family we have a tradition of giving our wedding presents at the shower.)

    I didn't think too much as I was putting the quilt together.  I took as many shortcuts as I dared -- like not trimming my dog ears.  I needed it a little bigger and was not about to make the cute border Emily had.  As I was sewing I tried to decide what border I wanted.  I ended up just extending the black.  Love the result.  Can't believe how much I love this quilt!  It came together perfectly!  (Meaning better than I intended.  I was going so fast that the points don't match up in a couple places.)  Here's my quilt:

    The only thing I would do different is put the binding on the bias for those stripes.  It has black wool batting in it -- so nice!  On the back is a black and white flannel.  It is an Andover Fabric piece from one of their Olivia lines.  It is one of those flannels that reminds you that sometimes you really like flannel. 

    Oh, so Friday night, I think it was about 10ish, I took the quilt off my quilt machine.  I bound it Saturday morning in time to make it to the bridal shower.   I don't remember what my kids had for supper Friday night.  I remember saying yes to what ever it was they asked me for.  I don't think they asked me if they could have chocolate cake for supper.  Then again. . . .
  • Block Five Winners!

    Here I am in Council Bluffs, Iowa on my way home from Paducah, Kentucky marvelling at the amazing country I have been driving through.  I brought things to do while in the car, but I just can't get enough of staring out the window.

    This country is gorgeous!  I love it!  Thanks to all of you bloggers who came and said hello to me!  Quilters are a great group of people.  The quilt show was great.  I do have some pictures to post, but I left my camera cord home -- dumb move I know -- so I can't get them on the computer until I get home.

    But now my husband says it is time to go to bed.  (I better get off the computer so he can go to bed as he does all of the driving.)

    But, real fast, here are the winners --

    jenjohnson wins something fun from Emily Herrick

    and Denise in PA wins a jelly roll from me.


    These are the Flickr usernames. I have emailed both winners via Flickr mail. I have also posted their blocks to help identify the winners. Email me to claim your prize.
    Remember, if you didn't get your block done, no worries. There will be another drawing in two weeks. Any blocks posted between now and then will be entered into the next drawing. We've had quite a few start just this past week and are caught up already.
    Thanks for playing everyone! Keep on quilting!

  • Block Five with Emily Herrick

    Emily and I met when a baby quilt she had made won the viewer's choice award at our local Peteetneet Quilt Show.   She ended up part of our quilt show committee and now we both write quilt patterns.  Emily's company is called Crazy Old Ladies.  Emily is the type of person who you like the minute you meet her.  She is very friendly and a lot of fun.  She has a great eye for quilts, and I'm so glad she said she would design a block for you. 

    Now from Emily:
    -Hey all, it's me here! That's right, the one and only Crazy Old Lady! Ok, so I've been catching a lot of flack for not being old but funny how no one ever mentions the 'Crazy' part. OH well. Some of you may know me by my street name- Emily Herrick. I have been quilting for almost a decade. About 2 years ago I started to go 'crazy' when I decided to start designing and selling my quilt patterns. It has been a BLAST! The best part is that I can quilt [almost] whenever I want and tell my husband "I'm working" and he's okay with it (most of the time.) Naturally I am attracted to all things fabric and quilting so when Konda asked me to be a part of her Jelly-Roll-Quilt-Along I was so excited. I hope ya'll don't mind that I wanted to share the block I designed that was featured in Quiltmaker magazine several months ago. I LOVE this block because it's different. I thought it would add nice interest to your quilts. But what I really love about this block is a whole quilt done out of it! For those of you up for that challenge you can get a good idea of what it will look like here:

    I've had such a fun time checking out all the blocks as you quilt along and I can't wait to see what you do with mine!

    Happy Quilting!

    Click HERE for instructions to Emily's block.

    Thanks Emily!!!

    Here are my blocks:  First with Attitude Girls

    Second, with Swanky

    My favorite thing about this block is seeing Emily's whole quilt that she made using this pattern.  (See link above.)  I love how it's almost an optical illusion -- which chain are you seeing? 

    REMINDER:  You have two weeks to make these blocks.  There will be a drawing tomorrow for block four.  Of course, any block that is posted before mine on flickr gets entered in the drawing.  I have another jelly roll up for grabs and Emily has graciously donated one of her patterns.  YEAH!

    Note:  Please forgive me if the timing of the drawing is a little off.  I will be on the road Monday night.  I am hoping we will find a good internet connection on the road and that you don't notice a difference, but sorry in advance if it doesn't quite work out that way. 

  • Jelly Roll Quilt Along Designers

    For inquiring minds, here is the list of our guest bloggers for the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along 2010. They are listed in alphabetical order.

    April Mazzoleni --
    Becky J --
    Beth Helfter --
    Debbie Maddy --
    Emily Herrick --
    Judi Madsen --
    Kari Ramsay--
    Kathy Skomp --
    Nanette Merrill --
    Scott Hansen --
    Toby Lischko --

    Check out their blogs and see what we have in store! We have a great group of designers here. I know some of you recognize their names or have seen their work. My fingers are getting itchy to open up my jelly roll. I just may have to get started on my block this week. I have it finished in my mind. Now to get it on paper for you!

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