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Moose on the Porch Quilts Blog

  • At Least My Quilt Gets to be at Market

    A few months ago I realized that I was not going to Fall Market this year. I have felt good about this decision until yesterday. Now I miss being in Houston. I am, however, happy that two of my quilts are there without me!

    Both quilts are hanging in the Timeless Treasures booth. The first one us a free download on the Timeless Treasures website. I call this quilt Rawhide.

    Picture 1725

    I love the tan background fabric. It looks like tooled leather to me. For some reason the diamond pattern also reminded me of leather. Thus, the name Rawhide. The link it here:

    The second one is called Midwest Memories. This pattern is available for pre-order on my website.

    I was shown this fabric shortly after returning from a road trip to Spring Market in Pennsylvania. The fabric reminded me of the farmland that we drove through. I designed this quilt thinking about the vast and beautiful countryside we drove though and the wonderful people we met as we stopped at quilt shops along the way. I have posted a few pictures on instagram (@moosequilts) along the way.



    My favorite part is the barn.midwestmemories3


    No, make that the pinwheel border. Well, maybe the windmill. Okay, it's too hard to pick a favorite part. This quilt had some challenges figuring out how to make the blocks. It was fun to see them come together as I envisioned.

  • Rejected!


    Two of my projects were recently rejected by magazines and publishing companies. I'm okay with that. That's why I decided to write this post. I learned many years ago that rejection is just part of the process - in pretty much everything.

    It helped to understand this idea when I approached it from the other direction. Are all my ideas fabulous? No. Just because I think my idea is fabulous, does that mean that it HAS to match the direction someone else wants to take with their project? Of course not. When someone tells me that it doesn't match what they are looking for right now, does that mean my idea was terrible? No. It means it doesn't fit. In fact, with my latest rejection, the person I was working with loved my idea! She tried to make it work, but it isn't all about me, and it isn't all about her either.

    When I get a rejection email, I allow myself to be disappointed. Then I re-evaluate the idea. Is there a way I can take it from good to great? Is there another place for that project that makes it a better fit? Does that idea just need to be shelved for a while? Sometimes the timing isn't right. It's all okay. It isn't the end of the world. Tomorrow is another day. Trust that you will have more ideas. You will.

    If all else fails, sit and read a book with a child. That usually helps me put things into perspective, and I love children's books.

    And because I wanted to have pretty pictures on this post, here are two of my new patterns that were not rejected. They are published with Checker's Cut Loose Patterns line.

    This is Allie's Garden.

    Allie's Garden

    This is Charlotte's Babies.

    Charlotte's BabiesThey are two mini quilts that are English Paper-pieced and embroidered. --Confession -- while I did design the embroidery in the center, my friend embroidered them for me. I wanted them to look pretty :)

  • New Kits on Website

    Swinging Diamonds is the first kit available on my website. I plan to have more in the future.


    The kit using Ipanema fabric as shown is available from Fabricworm:

    It is even on sale right now!



    I have a fall version using Allure by Sanae for Moda available at:

    Both of these kits use the same pattern. Swinging Diamonds is made using the Fons & Porter 60 degree diamond ruler. It looks tricky, but the ruler makes it painless.

  • Stars Upon Thars Quilt in Generation Q Magazine

    This is one of my favorite quilts! And I don't even have a good picture of it. It appeared in the July/August issue of Generation Q Magazine.

    2014 July Aug Gen Q


    I designed this quilt for my brother. It all started with these Mickey Mouse bicycle sheets that I bought on ebay.

    mickey mouse bicycle

    He has a young family that likes to ride bicycles. He and his wife even have a tandem bike. I decided I wanted to make them a fun quilt and use this as the back.

    The quilt I came up with I called Stars Upon Thars.

    stars upon tharsstars upon thars pic

    The name, from Dr. Suess, is as playful as the quilt. The large squares in the center of the stars is ice cream and candy fabric. Then I added a lot of bright fun colors to complement the centers. I guess you will just have to find a magazine to get a better picture.

    This is one quilt I will definitely make again. That is something I rarely do.

  • Now on Bloglovin

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  • Galaxy Quilt in McCall's Quilting + FREE Bonus Pattern

    McQ button

    My quilt Galaxy was in a recent issue (May/June 2014) of McCall's this was the first of three quilts to recently appear in magazines. 2014 may june Cover full

    This quilt was my version of summer.

    Galaxy mag pic


    The quilt is made up of three different size stars that overlap each other. I used fabric from three different Moda lines to make it. The stars seem to sparkle against the gray background.

    On McCall's website there is a link to FREE instructions for a pillow using one block of this pattern!

    Happy Quilting!

  • Amish Country

    It may be a little late to post about Spring Quilt Market. Lots of great pictures and information has been posted. I had the great fortune to drive to Market and had a wonderful experience on the way home that isn't out-dated. A couple years ago, I met Ruth from the Log Cabin Quilt Shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I have written a few patterns for Ruth, including:

    Faith and Family


    Heavenly Star Bed Scarf / Table RunnerMPQ125BedScarf

    and Dahlia Star.

    MPQ123DahliaStarI am also working on developing more patterns for her this year. Because that was such a fabulous experience meeting Ruth, Machelle Preston, my partner in craziness, and I took the opportunity to stop in the Amish communities of Berlin, Ohio and Shipshewana, Indiana.

    Here are some pictures from the countryside we visited.



    There is something about a farm that is so peaceful. How is something that takes so much work so relaxing?


    We drove through the Berlin (pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable) on laundry day. Loved seeing the wash hanging out to dry.



    With the morning fog lifting, this picture turned out a little fuzzy. I couldn't help playing with it.



    I love a good rocking chair!


    We don't see rolling countryside like this in Utah. I was mesmerized.



    This fabulous barn quilt was on the side of a Little Helper's Quilt Shop. They sold smaller ones in their shop.




    What trip wouldn't be complete without pictures of a horse and buggy. The buggys in Ohio were not covered. The buggys in Indiana were enclosed.


    The juxtaposition of the buggy and the semi was interesting.


    It might be nice to take a horse and buggy to the quilt shop, but I think the novelty would wear off quickly.


    More barn quilts. Are they still called barn quilts when they aren't on a barn?



    This has nothing to do with the Amish, but I actually caught the picture of the giant windmill blade driving down the road! Three of them went by. It was impressive.



    I love a good road trip. Stopping in these two Amish communities and meeting people along the way was the highlight of this trip.

  • Ninja!




    At Fall Market last year, I saw Ninja's Don't Sweat by Lily Gonzales-Creed for Windham. I have a nephew who is all boy and all ninja. I knew I HAD to make a quilt with that fabric. It was just too fun.

    The quilt I came up with is Ninja! My favorite part is the fabric with ninja masks hiding in the middle of the ninja stars.





    This pattern debuted at Spring Market in Pittsburgh this year. While I love the ninjas, I thought the pattern would also look fun in different fabrics too.

    ninja alternate


    The pattern is now available on my website:

  • Friday Funny: When Pigs Fly

    I have been out of commission for a while. First, helping my mother who has cancer.

    mom chemo

    She is doing fairly well currently. We are hopeful.

    Then, my big news, is that my new book to debut at Market is currently at the printers.

    SH sm cover


    I have been working day and night for weeks now to have it ready in time. I will post more on this later. Needless to say, that now it is done, I hope to return to the land of the living.

    Today, I just wanted to share a video I just watched. This is in honor of Moda Lissa who often shares Friday Funnies. This video is a presentation Sandra Boynton made at TEDxYale. I love TED talks, but they are generally not known for being funny. Sandra Boynton is one of my favorite children's book authors and illustrators. She can't help but have a unique perspective on life. I have "liked" her on facebook just to see her comic interpretations of life. I hope you like it!


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