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Moose on the Porch Quilts Blog

  • Blocks from the Past Quilt Along Week 4

    My blocks this week are found on pages 10, 11, and 61.

    The first block is called Windblown Square on page 10. I made this block following the instructions. I liked the instructions for this block, but I would recommend sewing it together using a scant 1/4" seam allowance.


    The second block is the Cakestand Block on page 11. This block I made using different half square triangle methods. For the center, large square, I cut 1-4" background square and 1-4" blue square.

    I used the method where you draw a diagonal line and sew 1/4" on both sides of the line. Here is one place it is shown:

    After you cut on the line, square up the HST to 3 1/2". It makes two HSTs instead of one, but to me, it's worth it.

    For the small HSTs, cut two 2 1/2" squares of the background and two 2 1/2" squares of the color. Square up the HSTs to 2".


    Having to square up the HSTs, makes a better HST. On such a little block, the points of my Cakestand look pretty good.

    My third block is the Pineapple on page 61. This block was rough. I have no hints. If I wasn't assigned it, I would have skipped it!


    I appliqued the pineapple stem first. My stem looks pretty funky, but I am okay with that, Then I appliqued the pineapple. The pineapple was easy, deceptively so. Because the pineapple was so easy, I attempted the scallop. That was a mistake. It almost killed me.

    Halfway through the scallops, I thought I was going to die. It felt like the last half mile of a half marathon. In a half marathon, the last part, I have to talk myself through each block. Each block feels like a mile. The same was true of the scallops. Each little tiny scallop felt like an eternity. I kept telling myself, "I can sew one scallop. Just one." Somehow, I finished.

    It was just one block. I survived. If you like the pineapple, you will survive too. If you don't love the pineapple, then I suggest you skip it. Sorry Marion and Natalie!

    Be sure to post your blocks on the flickr group (!

  • Rescuing an Antique Quilt

    A year or two ago, I came into posession of an antique quilt in terrible condition. No one wanted it. It was headed for the garbage.


    I believe it was made by my great-great grandmother. The pink fabric is disintegrating, but the rest of it is fairly good. Antique 3

    My six year old daughter fell in love with it immediately despite the condition. I gave it to her. She has been using it to sleep with for months even like it is. I told her I would fix it. Now I have started.

    First I ordered a bolt of Moda Bella solid Betty's Pink. Then, a couple days ago, I took the blocks off of the quilt. It didn't take much more than hour. The backing was the pink fabric that was falling apart, so it didn't take much.

    I thought I could put it back together quickly, but I will have to repair the pink in the center of each of the blocks. Now this will be the project that takes a while.

    Wish me luck!

  • BFTPqal - Fabric Selection

    In the Blocks from the Past Quilt Along post this week, Natalie talks about fabric selection and fabric requirements.

    I decided that I wanted to use a layer cake. To make sure it was enough and to provide contrast, I paired it with white as a background fabric. The layer cake I picked is Solstice by Kate Spain for Moda.



    Here is one of the first blocks.IMG_20150108_161659Remember, these finish at 6" square. Those little squares are little. The big squares are 1 1/2" finished. To make only one block wasn't so bad though. That is the interesting thing about these blocks. I wouldn't want to make a whole quilt out of most of the blocks because they are a little fiddly, but one at a time, they aren't bad.

    This block is one I may make a second time with a little bit different colors if I need another block to make the quilt a good size.

    I don't have any expectations for this quilt. I will make as many or as few blocks as I want, see where I am at, design a quilt with what is there, and then make a few more blocks as needed.

    Because I love the fabric, and I love how the blocks are turning out so far, I know I will love the quilt! Sometimes it nice to finish a quilt quickly, but sometimes it is nice to have a project that takes a while.


  • Blocks from the Past Quilt Along

    I am starting off the new year with a quilt along with some friends from the book Teach Yourself Blocks from the Past by Marie Henry and Leisure Arts. We'd love to have you join us!

    The book is out of print, but used copies are available all over online. The quilt looks really old fashioned, but we think it will look good by updating the fabric.


    I am making my quilt out of a Kate Spain layer cake of Solstice. solstice


    The schedule is below. I will be hosting two weeks of the quilt along. I will not be making all of the blocks. My quilt will be as big as it ends up being from as many blocks as I end up making.

    The blocks in this book are 6" finished. This makes some of them a little adventurous. I have started making my blocks-that I will show you on my day. They have been fun!

    First Post:

    IG hashtag #BFTPqal #NMQGsamplerCHALLENGE

    Flickr Group Blocks from the Past QAL


    Week 1 January 5 Intro to QAL and Schedule (Marion)

    Week 2 January 12 Fabric requirements and selection (Natalie)

    Week 3 January 19 page 8,9,60 (Natalie)

    Week 4 January 26 p.10, 11, 61 (Konda)

    Week 5 February 2 p. 13,14,62 (Marion)

    Week 6 February 9 p. 15,16,63 (Machelle)

    Week 7 February 16 p. 17,18,65 (April)

    Week 8 February 23 p. 19,20,66 (Terry)

    Week 9 March 2 p. 21,22,67 (Ginny)

    Week 10 March 9 p. 23,24,68 (Maggie)

    Week 11 March 16 p. 25,26,69 (Emily)

    Week 12 March 23 p. 27,28,70 (Barbie)

    Week 13 March 30 p. 29,30,72 (Tiffany)

    Week 14 April 6 p. 33,34,74 (Maggie)

    Week 15 April 13 p. 35,36,75 (Natalie)

    Week 16 April 20 p. 37,39,76 (Katie)

    Week 17 April 27 p. 40,41,77 (Marion)

    Week 18 May 4 p. 42,43,78 (Barbie)

    Week 19 May 11 p. 44,45,79 (Konda)

    Week 20 May 18 p. 46,47,80 (Machelle)

    Week 21 May 25 p. 48,49,81 (Stacy)

    Week 22 June 1 p. 50,51,82 (Barbie)

    Week 23 June 8 p. 53, 83, 91(Natalie)

    Week 24 June 15 p. 55,84,92  (Tiffany)

    Week 25 June 22 p. 56, 86, 93(Marion)

    Week 26 June 29 p. 87,88,94 (Katie)

    Week 27 July 6 Sashing and setting (Natalie)

    Week 28 July 13  Wrap up (Marion)

  • Children's Books for the Creative Soul

    It's no secret that I love children's books. One of my favorite things to do is sit down and read with my little kids. I decided that it's alright if it isn't quilt related. I am going to start sharing children's book I like every now and then. I am not the only one who likes books.

    This Christmas, I purchased books for all my kids. When these two books arrived, I realized that they were more for me than for my kids.

    The first book is What Do You Do With An Idea. A little boy gets an idea which is shown in the illustrations by an egg with a crown on it. Not all of my ideas turn out so wonderful as this little boy's idea. This books reflects the creative process. I enjoyed the story, but I also loved the art work. I am a sucker for good art work in children's books.


    The second book, The Most Magnificent Thing, is also about the creative process. This book is about a little girl who is trying to make something magnificent. She makes many things that weren't quite right before she figured out how to make what she intended.

    magnificent thing


    I liked how it took her a few tries to get it right and the realization the little girl has before she makes her final product. My favorite part was the reaction of other people to the things along the way.

    I also loved the illustrations in the second book. They have a lot of personality and are a little quirky in the best way.

    Both of these books are relatively new (published this year). I would recommend both of them if your child, or you, have a creative soul.

  • So you want to own a business??? Video Tip

    I am often asked questions from people wanting to start their own business. The first thing I try to do is get them to examine what they really want. Do they just want to earn money designing quilts? If that is all, there are ways to do that without starting your own business. There is a lot to owning a business that people don't think about at first.

    I was asked to make this video with a couple tips. This link should go to a youtube video.

    It is my first video. It isn't fabulous, but it might be helpful. I decided that I should start somewhere. Any tips would be welcome. This is something that does not come natural, and I would like to get better at it.

  • Awarding a Quilt of Valor


    Last Saturday I had the great pleasure of awarding a Quilt of Valor to my husband's uncle who is a Vietnam Vet. He got emotional when I explained to him about the Quilts of Valor organization and what the quilt was for.

    Uncle Scott

    Being around quilts all the time and putting all the hours into making a quilt, sometimes I wonder if people appreciate the quilts we make. It is nice to know when people do appreciate them and understand the love that we make them with.Uncle Scott2


    I have been wanting to make this quilt for years. It has been in the back of my mind like all good intentions. Then I found a fun Christmas golf fabric that I knew he would like. Sometimes things just fall into place, and you just have to go with it. That day I had to pick my son up from school. I was accidentally there 15 minutes early. That was just enough time to plan the quilt!

    When I got home and looked at the fabric that I had to go with the golf fabric, I found a charm pack that was just the right colors! With the charm packs, I could just start sewing! I put half of the blocks together that night and the rest the next day. These are the days I love owning a long arm. I put it right on and quilted it with an easy loop quilting that I thought went with the golf theme - a bunch of holes. My favorite part was the fabulous moda flannel on the back! I washed it so the quilt was super soft and cuddly!

    There was also just enough of the golf fabric to put a band on a presentation case. I used every inch of the 1 yard I bought. Because it was a QOV, I actually put a label on the quilt! I need to be better about labels.

    If you would like to know more about the Quilts of Valor Foundation, you can visit their website:

    I would highly recommend making and/or presenting a QOV. It is a unique experience that you will want to repeat!

  • Reclaimed West Blog Tour Winners!

    Congratulations to:

    Cyndy Knapp, Lori Smanski, and Julie A.!

    They are the winners in the the Reclaimed West Blog Tour. Emails have been sent.

    reclaimed west collage

    Thanks for visiting on the tour!

  • Reclaimed West Blog Tour

    Are you having fun on the Timeless Treasures blog tour celebrating Judy & Judel Niemeyer's first line of fabric?! Yay!

    reclaimed west collage

    The line is called The Reclaimed West. I have to say that I LOVE this fabric! It spoke to me immediately! I knew that I HAD to design a quilt with this fabric.

    I saw this fabric around the time that I drove across the Great Midwest to Spring Market. This fabric was perfect to capture my feelings about driving through this beautiful country. The pattern I came up with is called Midwest Memories. It is hot off the press! I barely got it done in time for Fall Market, and the pattern just became available last week!


    The pinwheels and windmills, the stars and the barns - with quilts on them, of course - all reminded me of my roadtrip with my parter in crime Machelle Preston of Cherry Tree Cottage, who, by the way, is the queen of packing!

    The barn is my favorite:

    midwest barn

    My grandfather owned a dairy farm in Southern Idaho. My childhood includes many happy memories from that farm including climbing on the hay bales as high as we could just to swing down on a rope swing. I even liked moving pipes and hauling hay because I only did it once or twice :) I loved being able to put a quilt on this barn! Machelle and I saw many like that on our trip.

    I used some fun techniques making these blocks. In fact, when I created the pattern, I wasn't sure I could even make the quilt! After several test blocks, I created some fun methods for making the windmill blocks and the star blocks that make them a lot simpler than they look! I really enjoyed seeing this quilt come together.

    As with most blog tours, this one includes prizes! Here is the link to TIMELESS TREASURES GIVEAWAY.

    AND I will be giving away THREE COPIES of my new pattern Midwest Memories. To enter my drawing, leave a comment below telling me what you love about the Midwest, or your favorite fabric in this line.

    If you do not see where to comment, click on the title of the blog and you will see the comments at the bottom. I redesigned my website, and now the comments are messed up. I don't know how to fix it. Sorry :(

    I will be drawing for winners on Monday, November 24th, the same day as Timeless Treasures.

    Just for fun, here is the list of the other stops on the blog tour. Have fun traveling the Reclaimed West this week!

    November 17

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    November 18

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    November 19

    Cathy McKillip, Wish Upon A Quilt -

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    November 20

    Barb Linares, Crafty Threads -

    Jennifer Eubank, Archipelago Quilting -

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    Susan Nelson, Prairie Sky Quilts -


    November 21

    Jackie Kunkel, Canton Village Quilt Works -

    Lauren Rogers, Backdoor Quilt Shoppe -

    Osie Lebowitz, From Needle and Thread -

    Timeless Treasures, SewTimeless (Giveaways!) -

  • The Most Creative Question

    First up, let me say that this is entirely my opinion and based solely on my own experiences.

    I have always said that I am an experimental quilter. I love to play and discover while working with color and pattern. My favorite question in my creative quest is "What if???"

    My favorite result happened when I asked myself two questions. First, "What if I make a quilt with a color I hate - orange?" Second, "What if I make a quilt with the color of the year - turquoise?"

    I found as I was looking at blues that I really liked aqua, but I was determined to use the turquoise that was more difficult for me. I bought Kona Turquoise to use as a background. I was determined to pair it with orange because at the time I hated (not actually hated - just didn't appreciate) orange. In order to do something that was so difficult for me, I decided to get some help. At the time one of my favorite fabric lines was Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt. I loved the blues and greens. For this quilt, I decided to trust Denyse and use the pink and orange colors of Hope Valley.

    This is the quilt I came up with:


    It was four years ago. Here is the original post:

    I love the quilt! BUT the main result for me is that I now appreciate orange! I have used it on many occasions since then. It all started because of the question "What if?"

    WHAT IF I made a fish quilt with 5" charm squares?


    The result to that question was Charming Little Fish in Simply Charming Fun.

    WHAT IF I made an appliqúe quilt starting from 5" charm squares?

    This question was interesting for me because I don't like appliqúe. I decided to appliqúe the easiest shape - a circle. I ended up creating a book from that one question, Simply Charming Circles.



    This idea is expressed more eloquently by Phil Hansen in a TED talk: Embrace the Shake

    He is an artist, and I love his work: The best part about his work is watching the videos of him creating the art. It is amazing.

    We, as quilters, are artists. Embrace the creativity! What if you started with the question WHAT IF? What will you create?

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